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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Hues and Textures Evoke Mediterranean Style

NATIONAL REPORT—There are many countries dotted along the Mediterranean Sea—Egypt, France, Italy, Greece, Israel and Morocco, to name a few—and each one influences the culture, food and timeless style of the region that many admire and emulate. Connected to the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean’s azure blue sea, calm breezes and an overall sense of tranquility provide ample inspiration for designers of hospitality spaces and, as a result, manufacturers are taking note and creating furnishings and materials with this aesthetic in mind.

Picking up on the trend, Nemo Tile & Stone launched its Torrone collection for designers seeking a replication of terrazzo tile that was more affordable and equally durable in porcelain. Available in an array of colors, the tile sports a matte finish and has a speckled look similar to that of traditional terrazzo.

“It’s probably the most used surface material for heavy applications. Hard surface terrazzo is used everywhere and there hasn’t been a good enough impression of terrazzo replicated in porcelain. It’s really on point and even the aggregate of the tile itself has shine to give the look of a real terrazzo once installed,” said Matt Karlin, president, Nemo Tile & Stone. “You can use it wherever you want and it will hold the test of time. And, the cost will move someone away from terrazzo. There are a lot of colors in Torrone that can skew Mediterranean or contemporary depending on the colors you pick. If you go with a white background and white aggregate, it’s a sleek minimalist look. Take blue and gray or gray with black to skew Middle Eastern and Mediterranean. You can go with both avenues depending on the color.”

The Mediterranean design trend lends itself to hospitality environments because these interiors are often meant to be a respite from everyday life. Using elements, materials and colors found in nature can help to create an environment that invites guests to relax.

Blue Leaf Hospitality’s chest of drawers provides storage and a touch of island-inspired decor for design schemes with a coastal or boutique vibe. Comprised of a wooden frame with a rattan reed facade, there are subtle details—ring drawer handles and round feet—that make all the difference in a Mediterranean-style retreat.

Handmade in California but inspired by the region, Fireclay Tile’s Mediterranean collection is hand painted with lead-free glazes on a 70% recycled clay body. With colors ranging from sandy neutrals to cool tones, this tile speaks to the region.

“Our Mediterranean collection features traditional, yet bold patterns to transform any space into a modern oasis,” said Jamie Chappell, creative director at Fireclay. “Each tile is glazed by hand on our signature recycled clay body, which delivers extra durability with a one-of-a-kind touch, ideal for boutique hospitality projects.” 

Inspiration for Graff’s Bali collection is pulled from the past and present, with the concept of a traditional water pump found in rural villages transformed by G+Design Studio into a modern piece for everyday use.

“The Bali collection by Graff provides timeless appeal, while hinting at an even more timeless style—that of Mediterranean sophistication. Design of this nature adds warmth and elegance, enhancing the user experience, especially when away from home,” said Javier Korneluk, senior director, global sales and marketing. “Application of this style is largely beneficial for hotels located on coastlines, as the rich textures and silhouettes associated with the Mediterranean play into the hotel’s surroundings.”