Spring 2018 Edition

Editor Christina Trauthwein invites you to check out the debut issue of InspireDesign: Innovative Vision for Today’s Hotel, a new media brand that brings inspiration, imagination, innovation and insight to the design community. From a curated mood board to telling the story of one designer’s journey to mixing and matching Ultra Violet design elements—and more—this issue gives you a fresh approach to creativity.

What is InspireDesign?

InspireDesign® will arm its readers with the techniques, tools and ideas to create inspiring designs and effectively communicate them to an increasingly savvy—and empowered—guest.

Cutting-edge, innovative, high-impact are no longer ideas for the progressive, but a necessity in being able to differentiate your hotel from the competition. Designers are hungry for both fun and functional, stand-out, signature elements to incorporate into their designs; guests are hungry for many flavors, especially those that are authentic, local and unique.

InspireDesign® will tap into product design and creative concepts of not just the hospitality industry, but will include inspirational influences of peripheral industries—think fashion, jewelry, automotive. By stirring the imagination of designers, InspireDesign® will inform their approach to developing and executing highly aesthetic and functional designs.