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Each of these wallpapers has Graham & Brown’s ‘Paste the Wall’ application, meaning there isn’t a decorating table or pre-cutting required. This allows paste to be applied to the wall, rather than the wallpaper, so it can be hung straight from the roll and peel off of the wall seamlessly if needed; there’s no soak time and no pre-cutting table required. It’s a quick and easy way to wallpaper and is especially great for those looking to make frequent design updates.

Hourglass Wallpaper
Hourglass celebrates a curvaceous approach to geometrics, with a flowing and harmonious pattern inspired by the interwoven fibers of luxurious fabrics. Subtle textures and light-catching metallics are delicately layered to create an elegant design suitable for all four walls. This style is available in three neutral tones versions: Night, Dusk and Calm.

Optical Wallpaper
Combining elegant gray tones with contrasting metallics, Optical adds another dimension to any wall with a subtle illusion. With large-scale geometrics and a sophisticated color palette, a truly liveable design is created. This style is available in three tones: Shadow, Sketch and Pitch.

Polka Wallpaper
Pure polka dot perfection, beautiful light reflecting beads embellish a luxurious, metallic textured paper. Pastel and metallic hues are complimented with a sophisticated black flock alternative, both velvety and dramatic. It’s a playful design that is perfect for all four walls and is available in four elegant colors: Jet Flock, Steel Bead, Diamond Bead and Rose Quartz Bead.

Quarters Wallpaper
Create a layered, urban-inspired look with Quarters, which takes inspiration from intricate historical architecture and the forms of man-made structures. Ornate and periodic details are historic and a true appreciation of craftsmanship and expertise. This style is available in three hues (Ink, Sepia, and Rose and Navy) and that are displayed on a chalky, matte textured paper. The fourth hue (Steel) is complemented with a high shine foil.