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The Hot Seat

These chairs are heating things up. With innovative designs that make the most of hotel spaces, here’s a closer look at the recent seating options that are hot, hot, hot:

Galapagos Chair 100 by Adriana Hoyos Furnishings

Inspired by the wings of Galapagos native blue-footed booby, and characterized by its elegant curves, comfort and hospitality-grade durability, the Galapagos Chair 100 is formed with high-quality materials that are available in fabric or leather textures that simulate a “second skin.”

“My designs are always inspired by the trips and world around me,” said Adriana Hoyos, principal/head designer, Adriana Hoyos Furnishings. “It was such an honor to see the Galapagos during my time working on the Celebrity Flora mega-yacht from Celebrity Cruises, especially as native to Ecuador. The blue-footed booby is a such a beautiful and special bird, and I was inspired to draw from its various colors and frame for this chair.”

Carmen Chair by H Contract

With perfect proportions and a cozy wrap-around back, the Carmen chair is a perfect choice for warm, inviting sitting areas. Carmen features wood accents and contract-grade cushions, and it is built to last.

“When designing upholstered pieces for contract and hospitality spaces, the H Contract design team says it’s important to consider whether the furniture will be placed against a wall, or float openly within the space,” said Dean Jarrett, VP/general manager, H Contract.

Two-Thirds by Allsteel

Two-Thirds, designed by Joey Ruiter, is a mobile collection that includes poufs, benches and tables. Featuring a lightweight design that supports maximum flexibility, Two-Thirds can be positioned as desired to create collaborative or private spaces.

“The variety of options and configurations make Two-Thirds ideal for multipurpose solutions: from a desk-side pull-up for impromptu meetings, a small collaborative station in lobby nooks, overflow seating for meeting rooms, or lively centerpieces to the office atrium,” said Joey Ruiter, designer, Allsteel.

Regis Chair by Beaufurn

For a royal seating experience, Regis provides a luxuriously comfortable retreat. With a sculpted silhouette and graceful curves, it’s reminiscent of Mid-Century designs yet utterly modern. The solid wood, swivel base provides a smooth 360-degree rotation. The solid wood legs can be finished in eight stain colors.

“The inspiration and purpose of this piece has a majestic elegance,” said Bill Bongaerts, founder, Beaufurn.
“Regis can be a refuge or a command center.”

Casale Chair by Ethnicraft

The Casale Chair has straight lines to form a smooth, delicate shape, and the effortless design makes the graceful chair an adaptable piece.

“Our design approach is a symbiosis of straightforwardness and beauty that toes the line between function and formal severity,” said Florian Kallus, designer, Studio Kaschkasch, which designed the chair. “The Casale Chair is a good example of how we work. We got inspired for the chair and also the name by a little village in Italy called Casale.”