The FINCH’s artistry

For guests seeking an artistic retreat that transcends traditional hospitality, The FINCH is the perfect answer. Nestled in the heart of Walla Walla, WA, The FINCH is no ordinary accommodation—it’s a place that bridges the gap between creative expression and unparalleled comfort, channeling the very essence of Walla Walla’s spirit.

Distinct design

The FINCH was revitalized from a former motel built in 1967, blending original architecture with modern elements, featuring an open-air design, outdoor fireplace and inviting gathering spaces for guests to enjoy the natural beauty and unwind. Even the most basic elements of The FINCH have been meticulously elevated to reflect a vision of high design, thanks to architects from THINKTANK Design Group. From artisanal furniture to a reimagined lobby, every corner goes beyond convention. Guestrooms are crafted from locally sourced leather, metal and wood by Northwest suppliers and craftsmen.

A canvas of local art

The heartbeat of The FINCH is the art that adorns its walls and fills the spaces. Local artists like Sukha Worob and Hannah Bartman, among many others, illuminate rooms with their unique graphic artworks. Worob’s hand-stamped installation art immortalizes the faces of the local community while Hannah’s infographics of the Walla Walla watershed and local avian populations forge an intimate connection between art and Walla Walla. Each guestroom’s art is individually curated, highlighting local attractions, agricultural inspirations and other elements connected to the area—no two rooms are the same.

Experience beyond the walls

The FINCH is not merely about beautifully designed rooms, it’s about the experiences the hotel unlocks. The property’s commitment to its community is exhibited through immersive programs like the interactive virtual map they’re building that allows guests to go on a property art tour or explore Walla Walla Valley from a guide’s perspective.