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Studio Tack


A Space for Sharing

Cache House Jackson, a new high-end hostel lodging experience centered on the modern-day explorer and originally a former bunkhouse during the 1990s, has opened in Jackson Hole, WY. Take a look.
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Luxury on the Lake

Studio Tack and family-owned design house The Brooklyn Home Company have collaborated on a new hotel, The Lake House on Canandaigua, bringing a unique blend of art, craft, and healthful designs to New York's Finger Lakes.
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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Casa Bonay Weaves New Story With Elements From Past

BARCELONA, SPAIN—A mosaic-tiled floor depicts more than imagery or pattern, there are traces of time-gone-by: scuffs and scratches of where people walked, ran or even danced. This was just one of the discoveries found in a mid-19th-century building that now houses Casa Bonay, a 67-room boutique hotel based here. A desire to save and reclaim…
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