Inside InspireDesign: Fall 2022

Our Fall 2022 issue captures the imagination of readers with insight from designers and shows inspiration in eco-friendly elements, historic projects and cool and noteworthy products.
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Physical Places

Hospitality is all about bringing people together, making everyone feel warm and welcomed. Hotel designers and architects have always designed for this, with the intention of creating shared and social spaces. However, as the world rethinks these spaces, designers are realizing the importance of physical spaces. Shay Lam, managing executive/studio creative director for TPG Architecture,...
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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Living Walls Inject Natural Beauty, Color Into Design

CHICAGO—Who said it’s not easy being green? The color evokes a sense of freshness, vibrancy and a call to the outdoors. Hotels and designers are embracing this acidic hue in more ways than one—think soil-free living walls, hydroponic gardens, as well as splashes of bold paint colors or accents in furnishings—to create environments that are...
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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Bath Finishes Create Wow Factor, Blissful Retreat

NATIONAL REPORT—It takes 30,000 hammer strikes to create one sink, and well over 300,000 hammer strikes to create an artisanal, single-walled copper tub, explained Naomi Neilson Howard, founder and CEO of Native Trails. “It’s a very intense and laborious process that takes years and years to perfect the technique. Each hammer strike goes right where...
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Talking Interior Design With Vicente Wolf

Interior designer Vicente Wolf of VW Associates and VW Home talks about inspiration, creating tranquil spaces and his collaboration with PPG Paints.
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How to Ensure Hotel Signage is ADA Compliant

CHATTANOOGA, TN—At a hotel, it is the sign that helps show guests the way. Whether it is illuminated or embossed with raised braille, these fixtures play an important role in removing barriers for people with disabilities and enhancing the guest experience. However, navigating the intricacies of ADA sign regulations can be tricky and requires a...
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Kraemer Design Group Solves Problem Projects

DETROIT—Having established standard lobby and restaurant design prototypes for large hotel flags, Kraemer Design Group understands the importance of a first impression. Co-founder Bob Kraemer shares his tricks of the trade.
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Creating a Successful Spa

NATIONAL REPORT—David Stoup, chairman of Trilogy Spa Holdings, LLC, offers readers distinct insight into creating aesthetics and ambiance in a spa and what this means not only to the guest, but the owner/operator.
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Denniston Architects’ Jean-Michel Gathy on Hotel Architecture Trends

MIAMI—Specializing in luxury hospitality design, interiors and landscape for more than 40 years, master architect Jean-Michel Gathy works to stay ahead of the design curve, forging new trends and using his passion to create and innovate.
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