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Stacy Garcia & Brintons Collaborate

Global industry leader in luxury woven carpets, Brintons, unites with New York design studio Stacy Garcia to create their newest Axminster collaboration, Vantage. Inspired by biomimicry, Vantage looks to nature, emulating patterns and visuals found in environments weathered by hundreds of years’ worth of adaptation and natural selection.

“For the Vantage collection, we honed in on encapsulating these complex nuances and translating them
into beautiful Axminster carpet designs. The result is an astonishing blend of abstraction and realism. Lush camouflaging foliage, cascading desert sands and kaleidoscopic visions of butterfly wings are just a peek into what the full offering contains,” Garcia said.

The new collaboration by Garcia for Brintons, launching in early May, brings forward naturally occurring patterns and shapes, reimagined in Brintons classic 80% wool and 20% nylon blend. Current coloration accesses Brintons standard and neutral pom boxes, but all colors as well as design repeats are fully customizable for any project specifications. With Brintons patented High Definition Weave technology, the company is able to design carpets with up to 32 different color channels.

“It’s no secret that nature itself has and will always be an influential force, inspiring makers in a multitude of industries,” Garcia said. In Garcia’s staple style of daring, unapologetic hues, the collection features the natural world from a variety of different vantage points.

Taking such perspectives like refracted tortoise shell patterning and tumbling waterfalls that could only be written in Axminister, Vantage, continues to push and reconceptualize the boundaries of the flooring industry.