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SONNY+ASH Makes Promotions

Sonny+Ash has made promotions to its team. Veteran designer, Mike Gajdorus, has been elevated to the position of VP of production, and Angelica B. Schultz has been named director of business development.

Gajdorus, formerly the director of client experience at the studio, spearheaded many of the studio’s innovation initiatives, including augmented reality, work in 360 renderings and the implementation of virtual reality experiences.

“Mike is the longest tenured member of the Sonny + Ash team and is highly skilled and respected in both the visualization and the hospitality industries, leaving no doubt that he is the right person for this position,” said Joe Soelberg, Sonny + Ash.

He started with the company in 2012. Working directly with architects and designers, he envisioned the 360 rendering as an innovative tool that not only realized the full design of a project for designers, but also provided an interactive experience for their clients.

In his new role, Gajdorus seeks to bring more innovative showcase designs by using the latest technologies, offering VR web-based walk-through experiences and other revolutionary tools to support designers and architects.

Schultz is a graduate of the Art Institute of Schaumburg with a Major in Media Arts and Animation.

“Angelica has been a valued member of Sonny + Ash for the past seven years,” said Soelberg. “Most recently, she served as our art director. Angelica is very personable and extremely knowledgeable about the technical aspects of the job and will be able to speak to those technicalities in her new position of business development director.”

“As the need for visualization assistance in telling stories and design intentions for clients of all backgrounds, we have dived into utilizing a more game-like experience allowing people to immerse themselves in those worlds,” said Schultz. “The ability to fully visualize and experience a project is invaluable to architects, designers and their marketing teams,” she added.