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Samuelson Furniture’s Smart Chair aims to solve a problem all hotelier’s have: offering a well-designed space that also enables guests to plug in their devices in a convenient, comfortable way. Crafted in antiqued leather with top-stitched seams, curvaceous arms and high back wings, this chair features both a stylish silhouette and a charging port on the inside of its arm.

The “smart” component of the chair does not stop at the data port—the seat is programmed with Bluetooth sound technology that will give users a new way to unwind and listen to music or a podcast while spending time in guestrooms and public spaces. Ensuring a truly personal experience so as to not bother or distract others, sound is transmitted upward through the Smart Chair using directional sound resonation rather than a conventional speaker system.

The chair is also equipped with LED lighting at its back, which casts a soft glow to illuminate a solid walnut base.