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Paradigm Design Group Now PDG Studios

Paradigm Design Group’s rebranding to PDG Studios was made official on March 1. The shift in branding reflects the company’s effort to further expand into the boutique and lifestyle design markets, having worked primarily with larger hospitality brands over the past 19 years. While PDG Studios will continue to work with current and new clients on large-scale branded properties, this change allows the company to update the firm as it moves into the future and offers its clients a broader lifestyle-driven design.

“Our team is very excited to move into a new decade with an updated vision and goals for our company. In the last 19 years, we have evolved from a paper napkin idea to a collaborative studio of talented people and designers,” said Lisa A. Haude, president of PDG Studios. “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to pave the way for my team and lead us in our efforts to transform our business.”

Haude has been guiding her team through this transition over the past year, introducing an updated company vision and mission that reflects a more personal, lifestyle-oriented mindset that will strengthen the team’s approach to design. Taking inspiration from each client’s histories and locations, Haude has been known for creating completely unique hotel designs, domestically and abroad, that offer hotel guests not only beautiful places to stay, but also culturally immersive experiences.

As Paradigm Design Group transforms to PDG Studios, Haude and her team will continue designing thoughtful and detail-oriented spaces for clients, but look forward to working with owners and developers who share the same goal to create more personal and comfortable spaces for travelers around the world. PDG Studios will work with hotels and other lifestyle and hospitality properties to bring meaning to their authentic designs that will genuinely feel like “home away from home.”