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Off the Wall Coverings

Gone are the days of flowery wallpaper in your grandmother’s kitchen. These products would knock her socks off.

Graham & Brown
Aspen from U.K. wallpaper and paint company Graham & Brown has a luscious green that shines with a mica fibrous finish. Aspen Pine is an extra-large scale botanical print that’s ideal for a calming decor; be at one with nature and soak up the soothing atmosphere it brings. It is available in Teal (pictured), Pine and Gray. Coordinating paint colors are available.

“In these strange times, it is of utmost importance to maintain a good state of mind whilst house-bound,” said Paula Taylor, color and trend specialist, Graham & Brown. “One of the key trends for this season, Biophilia is the inspiration for the design of Aspen as it brings the outside in and connects us with natural elements. This connection is of ever-increasing importance to our health and well-being in urban society as research has shown that even indirect elements of nature help reduce stress, blood pressure and heart rates and promotes well-being. Aspen, with its larger scale and botanical silhouette, brings a calming, soothing influence to any room allowing you to be at one with nature wherever you may be.”

DuPont Advanced Materials
DuPont has introduced the newest pattern additions to its Tedlar Wallcovering Avant-Garde collection.

Inspired by nature’s essential building blocks, Roccia and Travertino are the latest seasonal patterns in the Avant-Garde collection, giving designers even more stone and metal options for a strong, durable look indoors. The stacked-slate look of Roccia has Italian-inspired names ranging from light patterns like “Grigio” to darker shades with blue undertones found in “Azure.” A familiar texture in the Travertino design includes colors such as the elegant “Ivory” and the sturdy “Black” shade.

“Our Tedlar Wallcovering Avant-Garde collection is inspired by stacked slate and travertine limestone, giving interiors a strong and durable look,” said Michael Bowley, product manager, DuPont Advanced Materials.

In addition to contemporary aesthetics, the coverings are cleanable and resistant to mold, mildew and bacteria growth. Third-party laboratory tests show that Tedlar film does not support or provide nutrients to assist mold and bacteria growth, including E.coli.


The Ambiente Collection from Italian manufacturer WallPepper/Group is a line of unexpected graphics that recall the marvels of nature to its elements and its residents. It’s a succession of images that disclose seasons, emotional landscapes, exotic and faraway places made with the unique charm of colors, plants and flowers.

“Choosing a WallPepper, you can characterize the atmosphere of a room to make it unique and special, enhancing the personal style,” said Diego Locatelli, CEO, WallPepper/Group. “In addition to the narrative and emotional intention, WallPepper is a real support to decorative projects, contract or residential—very efficient. The quality of the materials, creativity, technologies and sustainability are mixed to create special walls in every space, both indoor and outdoor. An additional value of WallPepper is also the easy setup, thanks to an ad-hoc production technology that allows to have invisible joints just by placing one roll after another, creating unique images.”


Trove wallpaper studio + design lab has launched The Brilliant Collection, a new series of wallcoverings designed specifically for the contract market. Founders and designers Jee Levin and Randall Buck were inspired by the force of nature, and how elements such as water, wind and light shape materials and surfaces.

The design process led to the creation of two new patterns: Revel and Swoon (shown).

A calm meditation, Revel portrays the movements and shadows created by ocean waves. Ever-changing and varied, Swoon shows how wind carves curves and textures within a landscape, casting reflections and creating its own geometry.

“To create The Brilliant Collection, we wanted to show the facets of gold, silver and iridescent through the angles and planes of a landscape blown by the force of nature or shining under a rhythmic sea,” said Levin.

The collection is offered in four distinctive colorways, and available in three elegant metallic finishes, Halo, Sterling and Pearl. Trove continues to innovate as the new collection is digitally printed on the proprietary Type III wallcovering, an eco-conscious polyester/natural fiber with more than 30% post-consumer recycled content.

“This new collection of metallics is meant to be a beacon of light at this moment in time, as we are stepping up our materials by offering a Type III qualified material to the contract market,” said Buck.