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Material With Meaning

These furniture pieces utilize natural materials to create innovative, eco-conscious and modern products, inspired by travel and organic beauty:

Santa Barbara Dining Table by Hurtado Muebles

The Santa Barbara Dining Table is opulent in design and marked by the introduction of eucalyptus, which is featured on this table as a high-sheen grey with brass metal accents. The dining table is extensible and a well-balanced design for a harmonious atmosphere. True to the spirit of Hurtado, each design can be fully customized with a variety of marble and metal finishes.

“I have always been inspired by my adoration for travel, which has translated into many of the pieces in the Santa Barbara collection, in particular, the Santa Barbara Dining Table,” said Ana Hurtado, creative director, CEO, Hurtado Muebles.

Contour Bed by Copeland Furniture

Copeland Furniture specializes in eco-conscious mid-century furniture, using sustainability sourced materials. With a continuous ribbon of solid walnut or ash surrounding the mattress and wrapping up and around the headboard, the Contour bed exemplifies streamline modernism.

“One of the most frequent consumer apprehensions about bedroom furniture is the potential for nighttime collisions. Sharp corners and protruding legs are a frequent source of worry. With Contour, we explored the principles of Streamline Art Deco—uninterrupted horizontal lines, curving forms, etc.—to create a stylish but ‘ouch-free’ design,” said Ben Copeland, owner, Copeland Furniture.