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Loews Atlanta Unveils Celestial DreamSuite

ATLANTA—Loews Atlanta Hotel is premiering a new multi-sensory wellness suite called the Celestial DreamSuite.

The suite features a full host of massage, aromatherapy and sound therapy amenities to create a complete relaxation experience within the comfort of a guestroom.

“The Celestial DreamSuite is a ground-breaking concept in creating restful and rejuvenating experiences inside a hotel guestroom, and we’re thrilled to be the first luxury brand hotel to offer it to our guests,” said Mark Castriota, general manager at Loews Atlanta Hotel. “It’s critically important to Loews Atlanta Hotel to go beyond the basics of providing a great room in the city, and we’re doing that by creating an experience that can potentially make a guest smarter, more creative and improve performance. Initial guest feedback has been very positive.”

Created in partnership with Atlanta-based Sanctorum, LLC, the experience begins in the living room with a full-body massage in a high-tech recliner that scans the individual anatomical points to deliver a custom massage for 15, 30 or 45 minutes. A Zen-inspired art fountain babbles in the background, while soothing surround sounds and aromatherapy help set the tone.

Following the massage, the guest then moves into the bedroom where the king-size bed is retrofitted with low-frequency sound vibrations that create a sensation of being gently rocked to sleep by the ocean rhythms while the bed remains completely stable. A matching soundscape of nighttime ocean surf and acoustic strains combined with sleep-inducing aromatherapy and a life-like starscape that appears above the bed lulls guests into a deep sleep, according to the company. In the morning, sounds of morning surf and seagulls awakens guests gradually.

“Studies continue to show that stress inhibits creativity and well-being, and all of the technology and concepts in the Celestial DreamSuite are based heavily on this research to counteract the impacts of stress,” said Jurgen Ahlers, creator and owner of Sanctorum, LLC. “This is a completely new and unique concept for a hotel guest to be able to experience comprehensive relaxation without having to go to a spa or step outside of the room.”