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Inspired Rugs and Carpets

Artists and designers can find inspiration anywhere. Take a look at what inspired these rugs and carpets:

Inspired by Martha’s Vineyard

A world traveler from an early age, Kiko Singh, principal at BraytonHughes Design Studios, has always taken inspiration from the things she saw, touched and smelled during her trips. This time, using Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts as her muse, she partnered with The Studio by Tiger Leather to recreate the Great Rock Bright, Menemsha Sunsets, South Beach and Lucy Vincent Sand Dunes into rugs that speak to each place through colors, textures and design.

“When I am designing, I frequently look at two of my passions for inspiration: travel and nature,” she said. “Nature is constantly evolving, not only throughout any given day but, also through the lifecycle of an ecosystem. This creates stunning color palettes, textures and patterns. When I was approached to design this rug collection, I had just returned from Martha’s Vineyard; the color combinations in each rug represent a different beach on the island. Taking inspiration from travel lets you relive your experience and make art from it—it’s wonderful when you get to combine the things that you love most in life.”

Inspired by Art

Art + Loom has partnered with Lauren Williams Art & Home for a new area rug collection. Lauren Williams X Art + Loom includes five designs, offering clients a variation in color and size. All offer an array of fibers and multiple pile heights, adding dimension and texture to mimic the 3D “Canvas With Movement” art installations.

As an interior designer in addition to her custom carpet line, Art + Loom’s founder, Samantha Gallacher, has been using Lauren Williams Artwork in her projects for years now. The one-of-a-kind “Canvas With Movement” pieces create an alternative to canvas art. Each piece is showcased by suspending hundreds of individual strands of wool from a wooden plank, which are further accentuated with layers of dye and paints.

“Lauren Williams has really reinvented the idea of a tapestry as a modern piece of art that focuses on the dyeing process and uses its beauty to create the pattern,” said Gallacher. “At Art + Loom, our goal is to reinvent the idea of an area rug, not only for warmth and grounding but also to bring modern art and self-expression to the floor. It seemed like such a natural collaboration to bring Lauren’s moving textures to the concept of a rug, playing with pile heights and materials to create a major wow factor.”

Williams added, “The inspiration behind this collaboration was to really bring depth, texture and a sense of movement found in my artwork and allow it to transcend into a rug. Working with Samantha to design a rug with these goals in mind encouraged us to experiment with varying pile heights, mix wool and silk fibers, and really lean into color choices, as elements to bring each rug design to life.”

Inspired by Papermaking

Tarkett has introduced two new modular carpet designs—Vellum and Bindery (shown). Through crisp pattern detail, color contrast and luster variation, these complementary patterns draw on the rich tradition of bookbinding and impart the handcrafted patinas of early papermaking, enabling architects and designers to craft a story through interior spaces.

“The passing down of story is an honored tradition in every culture and the attention given to the craft of bookbinding has as much to say as the words on the page—adding a memorable richness to the experience,” said Terry Mowers, VP, commercial design, Tarkett North America. “In this highly digitized age, Vellum and Bindery celebrate the tactile feel of holding a vintage book in one’s hands and turning its beautifully weathered pages.”

Using the same eight gentle colorways, Vellum and Bindery marry geometric and organic themes with clear and crisp color separations. A hand-drawn feel carries through both patterns, with linear striations coming and going in the background. The styles are bold and refined, yet their abstract nature warms commercial interiors with a soft elegance.

Inpired by Flora and Fauna

The new Vinyl Floor Rug collection from Tempaper is waterproof, easy to clean, fade-resistant and certified non-slip, making it highly functional for high-traffic areas like kitchens, bathrooms and entryways. The vinyl rugs are also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, with the ability to serve as a chic statement for a poolside area.

Available in six sizes and 13 patterns, Tempaper vinyl floor rugs are designed to make a statement in a variety of spaces. With a diverse selection of patterns and sizes available, Tempaper flooring is designed to appeal to a variety of tastes. A few designs echo the aesthetics of geometric tile and dyed mudcloth (shown), while others include dramatic patterns depicting vibrant citrus fruits, striking florals, bold animal prints and captivating abstract art.

“My goal when creating our vinyl flooring collection was to provide our clients and consumers a rich, all-purpose flooring option beyond your standard area rug that they could use to decorate a variety of spaces, from a child’s room to an outdoor cabana,” said Jennifer Matthews, creative director/co-founder, Tempaper. I curated the collection to be lively—to play with bold graphics, bright colors and to give life to a room from the ground up.”