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If These Walls Could Talk

Wallsauce is covering hotel walls with inspirational messages and positive vibes through its 28-piece wallpaper collection.

“The inspiration behind our quotes collection comes from the inspiration of us being in a new year and giving ourselves that extra motivation and perhaps a fresh start,” said Rachel Kenny, head of the studio team at Wallsauce. “There’s a huge focus on mental well-being and we’d like to think that the designs will remind people about how amazing they are or to keep them stimulated.”


Made to custom dimensions, these wonderfully bright wallpaper murals bring a hint of determination to any guestroom or public spaces.

“When developing the collection and questioning how they’d work in commercial settings, we really started to think about where people may require a bit more motivation, whether it be for employees or customers,” said Kenny. “So, we added some designs suitable for gym areas, where people are reminded to keep pushing harder to get their desired results and we also thought about office spaces and reminding people to push the boundaries.”


A full range of quotes are available, each designed to uplift spirits via a positive message translated onto a high-quality wallpaper mural.

“With such vast access to imagery, if quotes wallpapers aren’t for your hotel, we can tailor something to suit your business,” she said. “We’ve recently been working with one chain in particular. They’ll call us to discuss some ideas and we’ll create the wallpaper mural for them. If they really like the idea of creating a design that showcases its location, we can source imagery around this idea and perhaps add their logo to create something totally bespoke to them. The studio team are trained to follow any brand guidelines and we can help the hotel visualize their wallpaper mural by super-imposing it onto a photo of their space which shows the wall area.”