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One of the busiest spa’s in North America just got a makeover of its own—with plush colors and bespoke beauty, Toronto’s Spa at Four Seasons sparks a sensual and visual experience for its guests. Designed by Alison McNeil, principal at DIALOG, the Spa uses baby pink and beige undertones to define the space’s brass facade.

Designed with a singular, harmonious flow, thoughtful details leave each room feeling like a continuation of the other.“Bespoke is important because it harkens back to what is real and what comes from the soul. Most importantly, it creates something that is special and unique to that one place,” McNeil said.

McNeil said her major influences were showcasing Canadian art and the handmade; everything is bespoke—from the cabinetry, to the brass desk, to the carpets—to reflect the luxury experience awaiting each guest. The brass desk, specifically, was inspired by Shahid Khan’s career in automotive bumper manufacturing.

Notable bespoke features define the environment, like the whimsical sculptural chandelier designed by DIALOG and Alissa Coe Studio. This custom-made focal point conjures a calm woodland scene; 40 bees made of translucent porcelain and oxidized brass serenely buzz around 20 flower lights which attach to 12 brass branches.
Alison is not a new face for the Four Seasons or hospitality industry, she also redesigned the hotel lounge at Toronto’s Four Seasons, d|bar, and is currently designing the JW Marriott in Edmonton’s ICE District.