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Color Me Trendy

According to Pantone Color Institute experts, colors for spring/summer 2020 express a desire for a sense of the familiar. Friendly and relatable, the palette of colors conveys a sense of ease.

“Hotels have become aspirational strongholds with travelers being surrounded with trendsetting interiors, and we see this in this year’s color trends—long before the color report of 2019 was published, we were already seeing this years hues in material choices from many new establishments,” said Cynthia Adelson, principal, Adelson Design. “They are veering away from the neutral palettes of yesteryear and offering more complex pairings. This year’s colors offer warmth, style and personality. They can be used in unison to create exuberant room palettes or as accents to enliven any interior. We are seeing colors, patterns and textures layered in new exciting ways, which surprise and engage us.”

The Picturalist presents distinctive art to match the hues in trend this season:


Dusky Green:

Yves Klein Blue:

Light Umber:


Eggplant Purple:

Sky Blue:


“I think of color as a personal need. Each phase of your life, each particular place, each style of house will dictate the enjoyment of a particular feeling that every color provides. Colors are not only informed by our past visions of our future; colors are therapeutic and are deeply personal and, as such, one should choose what color to live or not to live by,” said Ana Borrallo, principal, Borrallo Interiors.

Borrallo continued, “I always encourage my clients to go deep inside and try to identify which color their intuition may lead them to choose. Would trends influence them? Perhaps…but that’s just a sign that they belong to this global community and that they follow the current, nonpermanent vibe.”