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Color for All

Victoria + Albert is set to launch a new color service. From April, customers will be able to personalize the exterior finish of their ENGLISHCAST freestanding bathtubs and basins by ordering from a spectrum of 194 RAL colors in addition to their existing six standard paint finishes. A choice of gloss or matte finishes means that customers will be able to choose from more than 28,000 variants of their bathtubs and more than 5,000 variants of their basins.

The exterior paint finishes contrast with the white ENGLISHCAST interior of the freestanding bathtubs and basins. Renowned by homeowners and designers alike for its durability, ENGLISHCAST is naturally white, beautifully strong and easy to clean.

“Designers and homeowners are becoming braver with color in the home, and this includes the bathroom,” said Tom Burke, product development manager for Victoria + Albert Baths. “A pop of color on a freestanding tub or vessel basin creates a real architectural statement. We’re looking forward to seeing how our customers add personality in their designs with our new RAL color offering.”

As homeowners and designers are becoming increasingly brave with color in the bathroom, Victoria + Albert is placed to offer on-trend tones. Pantone’s “color of the year”, Living Coral, has proven popular, while Elle Décor has identified a trend for deep blues and greens. Color Hive, a global color trend consultancy, is predicting the hottest colors of the year will be a warm palette of apricots, tawny browns and parchment.

Victoria + Albert uses technology and techniques to create a finished look that can be vibrant and dramatic or muted and refined. Each piece is finished in multiple layers with a proprietary catalyzed paint that is polished by hand between applications. This process lends an exceptional depth and luster to the colored finish and is considerably more long-lasting than traditionally painted surfaces. All RAL painted bathtubs and basins require a six-week lead time.