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Case Study: Four Seasons Silicon Valley

CONCEPT: The 200-room hotel opened in January of 2006 and was designed to closely reflect the high-tech, sophisticated feel of East Palo Alto, CA, or Silicon Valley. The 10-story building features a sleek, curving façade of shimmering glass designed by Hill Glazier Architects of Palo Alto, CA. Catering to largely business clientele, the guestrooms were designed by Remedios Siembieda to feature extensive workspaces and all the latest technologies. “With the guestrooms, we tried to ensure that it was modern, sophisticated and contemporary in design. It’s primarily a corporate hotel,” said Robert Whitfield, general manager of the property.

EXECUTION: Throughout the hotel, a natural harmony of wood and stone celebrates the warm, northern California style. Rich vertical grain Douglas fir and Makotre, an African cherry wood, are complemented by fabrics, paint colors, and furnishings that are all in earth tones. Floor-to-ceiling windows in the guestrooms offer panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay and the Santa Cruz Mountains. “The location is quite interesting,” Whitfield said. There are 200 guestrooms, which average about 425 square feet, and 27 suites within the hotel.

RESULT: “As a company we tried to ensure the hotel reflects the environment that it’s in,” said Whitfield. Located near Stanford University, Whitfield said the property has actually been drawing people from nearby San Francisco. Some of the features of the guestrooms include an oversized desk, swing lamp beside the bed, and a separate dressing area. The rooms also contain a 42” plasma television with HDTV, satellite radio and WiFi Internet access. Whitfield summed up the use of technology. “Its most definitely contemporary. We’re using technology wherever we can to enhance the guest’s stay,” he said.