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Bath to the Future

Style and luxury can be found in any area of a hotel, even in the guest bathroom. Here is a look at some of the latest bath products for hospitality:

Lucid and Quinn Faucets

Speakman, a manufacturer of plumbing products has added two contemporary products to its faucet offering. Both Lucid and Quinn feature noticeable European design inspiration that complements many of today’s most popular bathroom looks.

Lucid is a collection with effortlessly flowing lines and sleek details including gentle curves, crisscrossing lines and soft square angles. The design language is unobstructed and simply elegant, reminiscent of bathrooms in Europe’s finest hotels.

“Lucid was created as a sophisticated European-inspired collection that will enhance any luxurious hotel bathroom,” said Jeff Harwanko, design manager, product & packaging, Speakman. “The starting point and central piece of the collection is the elegant widespread faucet, which guided the design of the accessories. The subtle design language is focused on integrating fine details like soft square angles and curves, and intersecting lines.”

The unpretentious look marries with transitional to modern spaces, and the collection works seamlessly throughout a complete bathroom, from the widespread lavatory faucet to the showerhead and body sprays and shower trim. Matching accessories are available to finish the look of the collection, which is available in polished chrome and matte black.

Quinn is a European-inspired single-lever faucet with a square base and crisp clean lines. The gently curving spout softens the fluid appearance of the faucet making it approachable and fitting for many modern and transitional bath spaces. It comes in a classic polished chrome finish or in matte black for a more dramatic look.

“The premise for the design of Quinn was based on creating a modern single-handle faucet inspired by European influences,” said Harwanko. “The stark square base is nicely balanced by the gently curving spout making it a no-fuss faucet option for all bathroom designs that prefer a single-handle option.”

Roxbury StyleDrain

A striking finishing touch for today’s luxury showers, Roxbury StyleDrain joins California Faucets’ collection of patented StyleDrain offerings. The third of four styles by Beverly Hills Interior Designer Christopher Grubb, Roxbury features an abstract zigzag pattern that imparts a bold sense of personality into showers, both inside and out.

“I’ve always been inspired by the grid-like patterns made by intersecting city streets, that quintessential view from the hills of the zig-zagging roads below. Roxbury brings that same feeling of excitement into the bath,” said Grubb, president/founder, Arch-Interiors Design Group.

Like a piece of jewelry for the bath, Roxbury is a beautiful focal point. Made of solid brass, it has no visible or protruding screws, making it comfortable to stand on. Plus, its durable construction means the drain won’t bend or give underfoot.

Sans Hands Automated Faucet Technology

Sonoma Forge’s Sans Hands Automated Faucet Technology eliminates the need to touch the faucet handles, thereby eliminating the transfer of harmful pathogens from turning on and off a traditional faucet. With no visible sensors, Sans Hands faucets help to keep homeowners, as well as those in hospitality and commercial settings, safe and healthy.

Sonoma Forge created Sans Hands technology by combining a low-voltage current with an electromagnetic field. When a user approaches the faucet and interrupts the electromagnetic field, the faucet valve opens to begin the flow of water. When the user walks away, the water stops, which also helps with water conservation. And besides offering better hygiene, touchless faucets also make it easier to keep the bathroom clean since there are no handles to collect water spots and soapy buildup.

“Driven by growing concern over germs and bacteria on restroom surfaces, more hospitality environments are turning to hands-free, automated faucet technology,” said Erik Ambjor, president, Sonoma Forge. “Rather than relying on old, unreliable infrared technology, Sans Hands allows users to skip the frustration of frantic hand waiving and enjoy the stylishly unique bathroom décor.”