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Almost one year since the launch of Plus—a selection of one-of-a-kind, design-focused homes—Airbnb has partnered with a couple of its Plus hosts with impeccable style to predict some of the most exciting trends for 2019. Airbnb also identified the most frequently used terms within Airbnb Plus listing descriptions and photo captions to reveal some surprising design developments.

Here are Airbnb Plus’ design trends for 2019:

Green is the New Black

The words ‘green’ and ‘natural’ have been used more than a thousand times by Airbnb Plus hosts to describe their homes that are as welcoming as they are beautiful. Superhosts Chris and Dane are horticulturalists and landscape designers with a modern home in Stellenbosch, South Africa, that blends modern and traditional materials. It is an example of how the natural world can have an impact on an interior: potted plants, feature firewood, fresh flowers and ferns transform this home.

Stay on a Working Flower Farm in a Modern Home (Stellenbosch, South Africa)
Stay on a working flower farm in a modern home (Stellenbosch, South Africa).

Rustic Chic

Interestingly, Airbnb has seen words like ‘historic’ and ‘modern’ used by the same hosts to describe a single home. And yet there is a method to this madness. Chris and Dane’s home is startlingly modern on the outside but the interior, as they put it, is “old farmhouse.” Similarly, Elena, another Airbnb Plus host, has a home that blends ultra-sleek with the historic. A multidisciplinary architect, designer and printmaker, Elena has infused her futuristic Tuscan treehouse with a steampunk aesthetic, installing retro fixtures and fittings (like a cast iron stove and vintage copper and steel faucets, wash basins and piping) in an otherwise contemporary home.

Splendida Casa sull’Albero a Pochi Minuti da Firenze (Florence, Italy)
Splendida Casa sull’Albero a Pochi Minuti da Firenze (Florence, Italy)

Bottom Up Lux

Airbnb data shows that nearly 850 hosts bought new rugs, or updated and refurbished their floors in 2018. And an analysis of the most frequently used design terms by Airbnb Plus hosts has revealed that ‘polished floors’ and ‘high ceilings’ are trending buzzwords when it comes to interiors. The combination of soaring ceilings and fabulous flooring is a design winner.

This listing in Austin ha added height to its living room and bedroom by exposing its beams and rafters.
This listing in Austin has added height to its living room and bedroom by exposing its beams and rafters.


One trend is abundantly clear from the words used by Plus hosts and a review of Plus photos: comfort is king. There has been a subtle shift from the stark minimalism of previous years to a more hyggelig aesthetic, with hosts using fabrics and other comforting materials and offering more and more hospitable flourishes. Why go outside if you can stay in?

Restaurants from a Renovated Townhouse in Logan Square (Chicago)
Restaurants from a Renovated Townhouse in Logan Square (Chicago)

Color Pop

This elegant Plus Home in Los Angeles underwent a makeover this year to become ‘Plus ready.’ With splashes of warm ochre and soothing aqua on the walls, the estate has a fresh yet bohemian feel that remains true to its West Hollywood setting. A review of thousands of Plus photos reveals that a more neutral palate is still popular, but only when paired with bold pops of vibrant color on feature walls and multi-colored artwork: making an interior come to life and providing guests with a fresh and uplifting space. Airbnb research has shown that more than 4,500 hosts painted walls or hung new art before putting their home on Plus. Meanwhile, words like ‘fresh,’ ‘vibrant’ and ‘bright’ have been used more than 900 times in listing descriptions for Airbnb Plus listings.

New Boutique Mid-century Apartment near New York Cafe (Budapest, Hungary)
New boutique mid-century apartment near New York Cafe (Budapest, Hungary)