Yotel Hotel to Open in 2017 in Downtown Miami

MIAMI—Aria Development Group, a New York and Miami-based real estate investment and development company, plans to develop a mixed-use tower, set to open in 2017. It will feature luxury apartments and Miami’s first Yotel hotel.

Yotel will feature 250 cabins and guest facilities, including a restaurant and bar, pool deck and gym.

“Downtown Miami is emerging as a high-energy place to live, shop and work,” said David Arditi, principal of Aria Development Group. “There is strong demand for urban-chic residential apartments, and Miami’s appeal as an international destination is at an all-time high. The Yotel brand, with distribution in New York, London, Singapore, Paris and San Francisco is a perfect fit for Downtown Miami.”

“Aria Development Group has an impressive track record in Miami, and we are delighted they have selected Yotel to operate their latest project. It is a testament to Yotel’s successful business model and an important step in our expansion strategy in the U.S.,” said Yotel’s CEO Hubert Viriot. “We look forward to launching our brand in Miami, one of North America’s best-known tourist destinations and a hub to Latin America. Downtown is the ideal location for Yotel, providing excellent accessibility and an exciting urban lifestyle.”

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