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New designs are taking the floor. Shaw Contract, Obeetee, Nanimarquina and Architectural Systems have all revealed new rug, carpet and flooring products, inspired by nature, animals and ancient techniques. Here’s a look at what’s in store for floors:

Desert Lights by Shaw Contract

Desert Lights is a new carpet and rug collection that draws inspiration from the plants, animals and geography of the American Southwest, as well as the brilliant hues and subtleties of desert light as it transitions from dawn to dusk. Always underfoot, the collection emulates the sun’s warmth on millions of years of compact earth, soothing those who move through hospitality spaces. With 21 custom patterns of sculptured texture and high definition that only Shaw Contract can offer, Desert Lights presents a breathtaking view carved from nature.

“We wanted to imbue Desert Lights with a sense of wellness associated with time spent in the desert,” said Susan Smilek, Lifestyle Studio design director at Shaw Contract. “Inspired by canyon surfaces and undulating patterns in the sand, the collection features abstract designs and colorways, fluidity of pattern and organic ambiguity, giving designers flexibility and suitability for a range of projects and settings.”

Sikaar by Obeetee

Sikaar is a hand-tufted product in loop and cut finish with New Zealand wool and Nylon.

“It was inspired by the beautiful world of contrasts in which we live,” said Patricia Ben Zvi, president of North America, Obeetee Inc. “We wanted to explore tradition through a fresh and modern lens, updating colors and materials while utilizing the ancient techniques for which Obeetee is known. The collection is fresh, vibrant and new, while still grounded in Obeetee’s tradition of craftsmanship: the perfect contrast.”

Capas Collection by Nanimarquina

Nanimarquina launches its Capas collection, designed by German born designer Mathias Hahn. Capas arises from the desire to create a rug that focuses on layers of colors, tonality and shadow to create intense depth while also being easy enough to blend into any environment and space.

“By loosening the fibers and using a thicker warp, we made new colors and textures visible, celebrating greater depth and enhanced tones,” Hahn said.

Form Concrete Porcelain by Architectural Systems Inc.

Monolithic yet rich with intricate characteristics, Form Concrete Porcelain offers the roughhewn of industrial materials with worn, weathered textures and a unified palette of muted earth tones in 6 in. x 36 in., 18 in. x 36 in., 12 in. x 24 in., or 24 in. x 24 in. nominal sizes.

“The narrative for this property involved a rich layering of design, and the materiality speaks to the industrial history of Downtown Brooklyn,” said Tracey Sawyer, co-founder/principal, Krause Sawyer. “The Form Concrete Porcelain flooring installed in the restrooms plays off a pavement feel, like sidewalks of the city, and tells the story of a culturally morphed neighborhood in the midst of warehouses and the Navy Yard.”