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WEB EXCLUSIVE: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Unveils 21 Boulevard Penthouses

LAS VEGAS—“Without a story, you have no design vision. We begin every project by first identifying and developing the story behind the design,” shared Adam D. Tihany, interior designer and founder of Tihany Design.

For The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, the lead story is the completion and opening in stages of 21 Boulevard Penthouses in the 51-story Boulevard Tower, which are ready to chart a new level of luxury accommodations here in the entertainment capital of the world. A trio of interior design firms—Tihany Design, Daun Curry and Richmond International—was enlisted to transform a total of approximately 63,000 sq. ft., with each penthouse starring as a verse in the design’s overall storyline.

An effort of this size and prominence took a considerable amount of preparation and, according to Tihany who worked as a consultant to Marnell Companies, the brainstorming process resembled something you would expect with the making of a major motion picture.

“Working from our client’s aspirations, we study every facet of the brand, the location and the local culture. We pull materials and create mood boards to begin shaping the narrative,” said Tihany. “Our collaboration with Marnell Architects was a very rewarding experience. The team’s efficiency and dedication to the project made our job easier—and enjoyable.”

Each firm designed seven penthouses and worked separately. According to Fiona Thompson, principal, Richmond International, she sought to continue the story of The Cosmopolitan, “creating spaces that are sexy and provocative, through the use of luxury finishes and European styling. We wanted to provide a canvas for guests to create their own story and experience. The current hotel aesthetic is quite eclectic with contemporary features. We took the contemporary elements and continued the story upstairs but with our ideas and designs to further add to the rich mix of styles.”

One of the spaces touched by Tihany Design is inspired by the life of a Beverly Hills producer. “It’s very light and airy with curving angles and organic forms to capture that relaxed California spirit,” Tihany said. “It feels like a sophisticated bungalow.” Another penthouse is all about New York City, which is more dramatic and showcases sharp black and white contrasts and geometric shapes. “The design embodies the high-rise, debonair lifestyle of our successful real estate entrepreneur,” he said. “All the suites are made to capture a luxury residential feel—each features impressive hand-selected art, custom detailing and unequaled views of the city.”

Designer Daun Curry colored her blank slate using a nature-driven palette of ochre, coriander and blush tones and turned to open layouts to highlight the views. This penthouse project served as an opportunity for Curry to explore “how space can engage all of your senses at once—excitement, curiosity, sensuality and luxury—all encompassed by a singular, breathtaking hotel experience,” she said. “As a designer, I am always pushing myself to create unique experiences for my clients, and for the guest staying at The Cosmopolitan, my mission is to inspire them with fantasy and spontaneity, to help them see The Cosmopolitan differently and, in both a literal and nonliteral sense, to see Vegas in an entirely new way.” 

—Corris Little