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Walls That Wow

Pattern, color and texture. These wallcoverings deliver unique charm to all spaces through the distinct inspirations of each designer. Spaces are elevated and spirits are lifted through these one-of-a-kind designs:

Peony Classic Collection by Lisa Batson Goldberg

Lisa Batson Goldberg’s vibrant range of floral wallpapers have sprung up and popped out to infuse luxury in every space using a whimsical approach to a timeless style. The floral-focused collections feature hand sketched and individually shaded peonies in an array of tantalizing hues and finishes.

“My inspiration for these collections is what I call the lush life—a lifestyle where individuals love themselves fiercely, share themselves boldly, create what they most want to create, dream bigger than they ever thought possible, give and receive love with an open and boundless heart, and see the beauty and perfection in themselves and in the world. My ultimate goal is to inspire this in others through my designs, and my brands message of infinite possibilities—and the opportunity for us to live a beautiful and meaningful life,” said Lisa Batson Goldberg.

Agate by Aux Aubris

Agate is a smoky marbled pattern with a seamless repeat with depth of color. It is printed on a mica-coated vinyl to give it a polished looking sheen.
“My son, Oscar Robert, designed Agate using an algorithm to create a perfect repeat using four layers of subtly gradated color.  We can gravure print this for low cost, high volume production that looks still remarkably complex and high-end.  I think it would be perfect for bathrooms and lobbies, or anywhere you want a marble or stonework effect,” said Karen Robert, founder/designer, Aux Abris.

Lagom by Graham & Brown

The new Lagom collection by Graham & Brown takes inspiration from the Lagom movement, which is characterized by simple, clean lines and uncomplicated structures. Intricately designed by the in-house team to create harmony throughout the interior, the collection encapsulates the perfect balance between design, color and texture. Metallic touches and reflective accents are delicately infused into the carefully selected color palette, adding an elegant touch to the fibrous paper and creating an effortlessly chic and cohesive look.

“If Lagom could speak, it would tell you to relax and enjoy the simple things in life,” said Jody Hudson, stylist, Graham & Brown. “The colors were chosen to fit different kinds of rooms—from quiet neutral colors for open spaces, to more deep, moody colors that can be used on one wall or beyond—and the metallic accents reflect light beautifully.”