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Wall to Wall

When it comes to a design aesthetic, wallcoverings help set the mood.

Inspiration Abounds

Tempaper’s Curiosities Collection features four hand-painted prints—Leopards, Scandi Floral, Grasscloth Fans, and Clouds. The collection explores modern wonder and timeless whimsy with lush and dreamy scenes inspired by nature.

Jennifer Matthews, creative director and co-founder of Tempaper, noted, “The Curiosities Collection was inspired by playing with textures and painterly finishes. I’ve always been drawn to Scandinavian florals, but their complexity can be a challenge for our printing process. In pushing the boundaries, we were able to successfully integrate rich coloring and elaborate detailing to create a diverse assortment with bohemian allure. Leopards and Scandi Floral designs are specially crafted from hand-painted elements. The Grasscloth Fans pattern combines texture with metallic inks for a striking, mid-century, vintage Palm Springs look.

Eastern Influence

The La Chinoiserie collection by Rebel Walls features flowy, hand-drawn weeping willows, citrus trees, exotic birds and swirling butterflies. The trend collection consists of five designs with four easy-to-match shades in pearl gray, powder beige, jade green and a calming blue.

The collection’s name comes from the French word chinois, which means “Chinese” or “after the Chinese taste,” and was created in Europe during the rise of the trade with the Far East in the 17th and 18th centuries.

“To create an artistic chinoiserie collection has been a dream for us and has been highly requested by interior designers worldwide. When my designer colleague Linda and I started sketching ideas for the collection, we came across the talented artist Diane Hill who was the perfect match for the designs we had already begun creating,” said Design Manager Johanna Ek.

Rebel Walls collaborated with Hill for two of the designs. Hill has been trained by master painters in China and is specialized in hand-drawn chinoiserie wallcoverings and bespoke murals.

“I work mostly with hand-drawn murals straight on the walls in private homes and businesses, but I absolutely love that Rebel Walls are making my creations accessible to everyone,” Hill said.

Infused With Nature

Wolf-Gordon’s WonderWood products capture the warmth and richness of popular tree species’ grains in an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wood panels. They are constructed from logs of fast-growing trees and prefinished with a clear matte lacquer in a lightweight, easy-to-install sheet material.

Marybeth Shaw, chief creative officer, marketing & design, noted they are “highly sustainable and offer a full range of warm to cool wood tones, including grey and black. These are features that our customers have specifically requested.”

WonderWood wallcoverings are fabricated from logs sourced from sustainable tree farms.  Wolf-Gordon’s proprietary process starts with rotary-peeled slices of these logs, which are dyed, stacked, pressed into large blocks, and then sliced at varying angles into veneers, simulating the optimal color and grain of common, as well as exotic, species.

These wallcoverings have a consistent wood grain pattern and come in a range of contemporary colors, such as cool gray tones for urban and industrial themed interiors, and warm natural brown woodgrains for a more traditional look.