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Kabuki by Florence Broadhurst x Valley Forge


Valley Forge Fabrics has purchased several new printers (each one affectionately named after a Greek God or Goddess) and expanded their printing facility in their South Florida headquarters to accommodate it all. Now, Valley Forge is able to be even more competitive with its pricing and lead time for both samples and full orders—which is already one of the fastest in the industry—as well as the capacity to print on new substrates like roller shades and wide width fabrics.

With printing, there are so many more color variations that can be achieved in the digital realm rather than using a combination of yarns provided by a textile mill. Printing also has an added benefit of increasing the speed to market for products, giving Valley Forge a competitive edge.

A team of Valley Forge sourcing and design specialists recently spent time in Frankfurt for Heimtextil and it was very apparent that printed fabrics are not going anywhere any time soon.

Brandi Kolanz, director of products and design said, “Yes, all mills are showing off their printing capabilities
now, not just a few like in previous years. Many of them have full collections of printed fabrics including a wide array of offerings considering that in the past, many treated printing as if it was more of a specialty item.”

Besides evaluating our printing capabilities, Valley Forge is constantly in a state of development, trials, and
testing to discover—or create—the next best thing in printed textiles. Just last month alone, Valley Forge
printed and shipped over ten thousand yards from their South Florida facility and that number is guaranteed to increase in the coming years.