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Versatile Textile

These textiles not only exude style, but they provide well-being benefits to both their users and the environment:

Otratex—Moody Blues by Fil Doux Textiles

Otratex by Fil Doux Textiles is a degradable vinyl alternative for the hospitality industry. Moody Blues, a subcollection of Otratex, features 18 cool color options that draw inspiration ranging from the various shades present in an early spring sky to the deepest depths of the ocean. Spanning expressive to relaxing, the line aims to evoke an emotional response from those who experience it. Manufactured in the company’s fully vertical mills located in Chile and Brazil, the mill-direct business model allows for complete customization and excellent lead times, according to the company. Like all Otratex products, the collection is treated with Pro-Tech Plus, a bleach cleanable stain repellent, and is produced using sustainable practices on an industrial scale—production power is generated by wind and solar panels and leftover fabrics are repurposed for packaging.

“Pro-Tech Plus is revolutionary on so many levels, but the timeliness of being able to offer bleach-cleanability on top of our mill-direct products is a win-win for everyone,” said Leo Novik, founder/CEO, Fil Doux Textiles.

Celliant by Designtex

Celliant is a blend of naturally occurring, thermo-reactive minerals that are applied as a non-woven backing to four fabrics across fifty colors. The minerals work to capture and convert body heat into infrared energy, which has been clinically shown to increase local circulation and improve cellular oxygenation, as well as help regulate body temperature, all of which means more energy, endurance, comfort and well-being. With Celliant technology, Designtex and Hologenix are delivering wellness to the built environment with a solution to amplify the energy, endurance and comfort of the user.

“Designtex Celliant is all about bringing comfort and well-being everywhere. When designing the collection, we didn’t limit ourselves with the material or color palettes. We wanted to offer a rich and diverse range of options to function seamlessly on different furniture types and a wide variety of interiors so everyone can enjoy the benefits of the Celliant technology,” said Sara Baldari, principal designer, Designtex.

Warp Collection by Concertex

A collection designed to showcase the beauty in performance fabrics, Concertex introduces the spring 2020 Warp collection. Leading the studio into a new decade of design, Design Director Aaron Mensik set out to alter all preconceived notions of coated fabrics. With a strong textile background, Mensik created a collection that fuses coated construction with woven sensibility into 15 revolutionary patterns. Blurring the lines between coated fabrics and wovens, Concertex has literally warped the perception of performance products with the launch of the new collection, according to the company.

“My inspiration for the collection is taking the philosophy of textiles and applying it to coated fabrics. Likewise, elements of coated fabrics are being applied to wovens to create new, hybrid products. My background as a designer of woven textiles inspired to me to look at the products I am designing from a new perspective. By using the coated and textile constructions as inspiration for each other, I am warping our view of product development and design and forming a new creative direction for Concertex,” Mensik said.