U.S.-made hospitality products

Hospitality product manufacturers are showing their patriotism year-round with products made in America. Take a look:

Samuelson Furniture

#8942 Bar Amenity Cabinet: The American-made #8942 Bar Amenity Cabinet is detailed to balance elegance and efficiency. A lower cabinet with stone top contains mini-fridge storage with a drawer above for snacks or supplies. The upper section, supported by a gunmetal stainless-steel frame and polished stainless-steel accents, includes a middle cabinet with frosted-back glass doors, the perfect spot for a coffee maker and amenities storage. Glassware can be well placed in the open cabinet above, highlighted with LED puck lighting and striking mirrored backdrop.


Designed, fully-crafted and manufactured in the brand’s Connecticut factory, Juniper’s MULTIVERSE System is track lighting reimagined. With the use of innovative patented technology and creative design,

Juniper has invented a scalable and easy-to-install architectural lighting platform founded on its low-profile ribbon, which transmits low-voltage power in style without any visible conduits. High performance precision spot heads mount to the two-circuit ribbon using a high-load locking mechanism and can be easily manipulated and repositioned. In addition to its aesthetic qualities, MULTIVERSE is built on patented technology that allows for 150′ of continuous power along the ribbon from a single source: four times longer than the typical low-voltage system.

The MULTIVERSE supports a growing library of pendants and ambient lights as well as an ultra-slim illuminated ribbon conceived in the same low profile, delivering functional ambient light and magical illumination effects. The monopoint versions of the track heads offer many of the same benefits but in an easy-to-locate individual luminaire format. Juniper’s latest enhancements to the system, debuted at ICFF this Spring, broaden the lighting experience by introducing five lighting forms that are compatible with the MULTIVERSE track ribbon, in addition to the advanced track head that elevates the original function of the lighting system.

Native Trails

Vintner’s 48” Vanity: Built by American artisans, Native Trails’ Vintner’s 48” Vanity is made from repurposed staves used to flavor wine in California during the fermenting process, otherwise stacked on pallets and destined for the landfill. As a Certified B Corporation, Native Trails has made an Eco-Social Positive commitment to only make and sell products that have a positive influence in the world, both socially and environmentally.

Processing the salvaged wood will have a lower impact on the environment compared to the felling, transporting and processing of virgin timber. American artisans handwork the flat wine-stained staves—which soaked for months at a time, enriching the exceptional character and grain of the oak infused with tannins, aroma and coloration of the grapes—into heirloom-quality pieces that are sure to last for generations. Each is further enhanced and protected with a water-resistant low VOC finish.

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