Tough yet timeless

Designtex has introduced new textiles; a tough, yet timeless group. Habitat, Roundel and Stamp are constructed with the organic irregularity of soft bouclé yarns, and Check is a carefully crafted and lively geometric pattern.

Defined as Performance Luxury, these classic textiles are not only beautifully designed but cleverly engineered to withstand robust cleaning without sacrificing tactility, creativity or elegance. Achieved by not adding chemical coatings, and instead, selectively using the highest quality components. By intentionally engineering the yarns, Designtex is able to create magnificent materials that actually release stains. With these four textiles, designers are really able to get the best of both worlds.

Roundel is a joyful textile featuring large polka dots created with soft, bouclé yarns which bring gentleness to the pattern. Available in three colorways.

In understated solid tones inspired by nature, Habitat (featured image) is a soft and cozy wool-like bouclé that is deceptively hardwearing. Available in four colorways.

Stamp’s curved geometric pattern is distinctive and timeless. Its construction of refined bouclé yarn shows off the expertise of its design. Available in five colorways.

The angular yet soft graphic of Check is achieved by the weave technique that creates dimension with its gradated colors and a spirited sense of movement. Available in five colorways.

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