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Timely Tile

Inspired by history, natural elements and culture, these products are bringing global and local awareness to tile design. Here’s a closer look at what’s trending in tile:

Cursive by Crossville

Design with the eclectic colors and shapes of the Cursive ceramic wall tile series by Crossville. Cursive is offered in 3 in. x 6 in. and 3 in. x 12 in. rectangles, 6 in. squares, 6 in. triangles, as well 4 in. circles and 2 in. demilunes. Coordinating corner options are available to frame the circles and demilunes. A 1.5-in. x 6-in. trim piece with finished edges on short and long sides completes the offering. Each tile has a handmade appearance with a watercolor effect around the edges. Nine colors, including notable hues of iris, goldenrod and rose gold, complete looks with distinctive flourish and fashion.

“This collection is an amalgam of trends that answer designers’ desire to create fully customized looks. From the range of fun shapes to mix of hues with that hint of a painterly effect, Cursive is a creative kit for inventing unique wall designs,” said Terri Marion, product manager on Crossville’s product development team.

Yakedo Glazed Porcelain from Emser Tile

Designed in collaboration with Gensler as product design consultant, Yakedo replicates the sophisticated aesthetic of burnt wood in a durable glazed porcelain plank tile. Based on the Shou Sugi Ban technique, a burning technique before installation, the worn texture creates a certain dimension and strength. The way in which it reflects light from its crackled texture brings sophisticated movement and visual intrigue to interiors. The elongated 8-in. by 47-in. plank tiles are available in five distinct colors, including ivory, silver, charcoal, black and navy.

“The idea for Yakedo came from the team looking at the effects of the globalization of design on how we use materials. We were very much intrigued with the way different cultures around the world approach building, often using the same types of base materials such as wood, concrete, brick, etc. Yet each culture derives a very different aesthetic in some part due to history, culture or simply what raw materials are present and available—which can pose the largest influence on local design,” said Daniel Stromborg, regional director of product design for Gensler, on behalf of the design team.

Convex Mix Grey by Natucer

Convex Mix reinforces the Convex series with a new range of colors: more contemporary and with a fine shade variety. The highlighted blending combined with the volume effect of each piece creates visual effects. Convex Mix is ​​one of the series that brings more colors to design, thanks to its destonification and three-dimensional finish. Convex Mix is available in seven colors, one size (2 in. x 10 in.) and two surfaces (matte and glossy).

“There’s a return to our love of classic glazes in modern collections—ceramics that aren’t trying to be something else. Instead, we’re celebrating the beauty of glazed earthenware. Modern processes allow for dimension and volumes that weren’t possible in decades past. The combination of historic finishes on modern formats is creating a new vintage design language for designers to bring into their specifications,” said Ryan Fasan, consultant/ceramic tile specialist, Tile of Spain.