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Tile Trends

What’s new in tile? From fabric to skateboards to the ocean, inspiration abounds.

Artistic Tile has collaborated with Lori Weitzner, designer and author of Ode to Color. Weitzner called upon her knowledge of textile design techniques—such as pleating, origami and voided velvet (which combines raised areas with recessed areas of pile and flat weave)—to create a fabric-like effect on natural stone. The resulting designs, River and Forest, are etched in detail on natural stone, conveying the flow and organic tranquility of nature, in patterns that allude to the designer’s textile background.

Nancy Epstein, founder/CEO of Artistic Tile, said, “Lori Weitzner’s approach led us to reconsider the stone canvas in new ways, creating a finished product that spoke to her aesthetic for texture and pattern, integrated with our experience of marble and stone technology. This collection comes from a collaboration of two distinctly different disciplines—stone carving and fabric weaving—which ultimately resulted in a product that is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Imagine Tile Inc.’s rePly

Imagine Tile Inc.’s rePly, a multi-striped ceramic wall tile collection designed by artist Rich Moorhead, founder of RMD (Rich Moorhead Design), is made with pre-consumer recycled materials that contain no VOCs, are resistant to strong chemicals and are unaffected by UV light. These tiles are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  With six color ways and two tile sizes, clients can choose a specific color palette and tile size fitting of their project or mix-and-match all six to create custom patterns and designs.

“Worthy of a response, rePly was inspired by peeling back the layers of a skateboard, which reveals seven layers of colorful veneer, or Ply. This cross-section of purposeful construction, intended for stability and control, exposes an architectural element fitting of high-end design and captures a story within a story of a once ridden skateboard,” said Moorhead.

Lunada Bay Tile’s JAW (Just Add Water)

Lunada Bay Tile’s JAW (Just Add Water) collection of glass tile borders takes 10 colors seen in the company’s Agate and Luce collections and expands use to an easy-to-use border application.

The tiles combine ocean-inspired shapes and pearlescent colors for a feeling that transports the beholder, whether their home is on the coast or far inland.

“There’s nothing as therapeutic and relaxing as the movement of the waves, and JAW (Just Add Water) glass tile borders bring that to life,” said Feras Irikat, director of design and marketing, Lunada Bay Tile. “Now our water-inspired looks are available in a border application ideal for pools, water features, and other places where an easy solution is needed.”

JAW (Just Add Water) tiles come in two shapes: Feather Border, whose form emulates a wing or a wave, depending on the viewing angle, and Zing 1 x 3 Border, with the gentle curve of a rolling wave.