The New York Palace Debuts Two Specialty Triplex Suites

NEW YORK—The New York Palace located here has unveiled its two specialty triplex suites, including The Jewel Suite by Martin Katz and The Champagne Suite.

The two 5,000-sq.-ft. suites sit 53 stories above Manhattan at the top of the hotel’s exclusive hotel-within-a-hotel The Towers. Rates for each suite begin at $25,000 per night.

New York-based design firm BBG-BBGM, led by Interiors Partner and Principal Designer Amy Jakubowski, designed the Champagne Suite. The Jewel Suite by Martin Katz was designed as collaboration between renowned jeweler Martin Katz and BBG-BBGM.

“Having the chance to curate and create specialty, one-of-a-kind spaces within the confines of a resplendent luxury property was the opportunity of a lifetime,” stated Jakubowski. “We saw it as a means to design visionary spaces that offer guests meaningful, multi-sensory experiences unlike any other. It is our hope that guests leave with an impression of luxury not found elsewhere and that will resonate with them well beyond their visit.”

The Jewel Suite by Martin Katz is adorned in rich fabrics and jewel-inspired tones and finishes to create an atmosphere suggestive of luxury and romance. The experience begins when guests step into the Jewel Suite, encountering lavish Port Laurent stone floors, diamond-like wall coverings in soothing jewel tones, a 20-ft. chandelier and crystal jewel boxes encasing jewelry creations by Martin Katz.

Each guest who books the suite at its nightly rate will receive an original Martin Katz Diamond Microband Ring, with a retail value of $2,500. Guests can also arrange for rare access to Mr. Katz for private showings, design consultation and custom jewelry creations.

The Champagne Suite brings together both modern and classic design elements to create a glamorous space, ideal for cozy tete-a-tetes or lavish entertaining. Upon entering the suite, guests are met with a series of floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the Grand Parlor with natural light, while offering views of midtown Manhattan.

The design of the second floor was inspired by the distinct colors of champagne varietals to create an intricate color story of soft creams and smoky reds. The Chardonnay grape with a palate of ecru, cream and amber tones influenced the decor of the Master Bedroom Suite. The light, bubbly color scheme continues into the suite’s Master Bathroom.



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