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The Making of Metallic

Not quite a color, not quite a texture, metallic is in a category all of its own. These companies are shining just as bright, with products that are flashing metallic across the industry:

Constellation Cosmic Cube by Sonneman—A Way of Light

Connected in linear strands, a dramatically suspended array of LED hubs forms the geometry of a bold cube of dazzling luminance. Scaled in two sizes, Cosmic Cube can be ordered in 20-in. and 30-in. configurations, or customized for any project.

“The phenomenon of the expanding universe gives birth to countless new celestial formations of stars. Galaxies of extraordinary scale and variety continue to form and reform in an infinite variety of starlight creating new relationships of scale and distance. Working on an increasing range of projects with our architecturally scalable Constellation system, we continue to expand our imagination of new celestial forms,” said Robert Sonneman, CEO of  Sonneman–A Way of Light.

“Our team began to study linear constellation elements individually suspended with no intersection, but rather, arranged patterns to form solid geometric volumes,” he said. “We discovered a new dimension in the simplicity of these long, linear elements connected by vertically aligned illuminated hubs. The result is being able to suspend the hubs in perfect horizontal alignment to create geometric volumes of illuminated brightness. In addition, we were able to create spectacular cascades of light by suspending these multiple illuminated strings of light at various lengths and heights.

“It offered us a new geometry to explore in the context of creating arrays of independently suspended lines of luminaries in free space as opposed to the angular inter connected structures of our first approach to living among the stars with Constellation,” he added. “The saga continues.”

Titan Pendant in Natural Aluminum by Original BTC

An original 1940s design, frequently seen in factories and industrial units of the period, the Titan range is available in three different sizes. Colors include polished aluminum, black, yellow, olive green, putty grey, red and white painted aluminum. There is an optional etched glass visor that helps prevent glare and provides a softer, more diffused light.

“There is always a sense of nostalgia for things past when it comes to design. Chrome originally came to the fore in the 1930s and 1970s—both decades very much on today’s style agenda. The Titan Pendant reflects the reemergence of vintage styles, with attention paid to quality and finish,” said Peter Bowles, managing director of Original BTC.

Santorini Freestanding Tub in Brushed Nickel by Native Trails

Like its namesake, Santorini freestanding tub exemplifies romance with its beauty and history. Its graceful lines and pedestal base necessitate long, lazy soaks that, quite naturally, make bathers feel like royalty. Artisan-crafted and forged of high-quality recycled copper, Santorini pays homage to the copper bathtub’s European heritage and tells the story of generations of Mexican artisanship.

“Santorini is hand-hammered and forged out of recycled copper, and is available in three finishes—Antique Copper, Polished Copper and Brushed Nickel. Highly skilled artisans use copper smithing techniques passed down through the generations to craft these luxurious soaker tubs, each resulting in a one-of-a-kind work of art,” said Naomi Neilson, founder/CEO of Native Trails.