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LAS VEGAS—The Palms $620-million re-imagination has transformed the resort into a “must-see” gaming and entertainment destination by creating a mix of classic Vegas hospitality and new experiences through world-class partnerships. Part of the renovation is a design that most certainly puts the pedal to the metal.

Benedict Radcliffe’s Lamborghini ‘Twin Turbo’ Countach made of 10mm mild steel round bars powder coated in fluorescent orange, resides in the porte-cochère of the newly renovated hotel and is set to be the jewel of the valet, even when parked next to some of the most luxurious sportscars.

“There aren’t many designs like these around. It’s almost something new in the art world,” said Tal Cooperman, creative director at the Palms Casino Resort. “It almost brings you back to the movie ‘Tron.’ People walk outside and they actually ask, ‘Is this real?’ or, ‘Is it drivable? It’s funny, I love people-watching through our entire property. Seeing the reaction from people has been special to me. The level of detail and time spent on this is incredible and the vibrant color really makes it pop.”

The unique design is not only getting noticed, but is cohesive with the rest of the property’s ambiance, and a precedent for the guest experience.

“The beauty of this piece is that it’s unexpected and really catches people at their first arrival to the property,” he said. “It sets the tone for their experience at Palms. There’s lots of cool art to discover while playing at the property. We’re shifting the way people think about art and culture in Vegas. People are talking and sharing the collection and this is just the beginning.”

Radcliffe’s work includes Range Rovers, a Jaguar E-Type, A Ferrari F40 and a Lancia Delta and can be seen throughout Europe, America and Japan, including in London’s Heathrow Airport, the Classic Car Club in New York, and now, at Palms in Las Vegas.

“Jon Gray, Palms’ general manager, was the one who pointed out the artist to me,” Cooperman said.  “I was more inspired by how long the process was to create the Lambo. It was a good 5-6 months. There’s so much detail that goes into Benedict’s art that he pretty much started over because it didn’t look right to him. He was one of my favorite people I got to work with on this entire project.”