The Declan Suites San Diego Completes Reno of Public Spaces

SAN DIEGO—The Declan Suites, formerly the Sheraton Suites, debuted its new look, inspired by the city’s musical and cultural origins.

Operating under new management, the independent 264 two-room suite property underwent an extensive four-month renovation, designed to refresh its public spaces with an engaging vibe and cutting edge technology. This included the hotel entry, meeting spaces, 12th floor lobby and bar/restaurant great room.

The hotel, located near Copley Symphony Hall, formerly The Fox Theatre and current home to the San Diego Symphony, features musical elements, such as vintage records lining the walls and the repurposed oil can Bohemian Guitars available for guests to play around the property.

As guests arrive, they’re introduced to the property’s revamped valet and entryway. The 12th floor lobby now offers individual check-in pods, a state-of-the-art communal technology area, and a live video feed wall of the picturesque city as captured by the custom rooftop camera.

On the same floor and at the heart of the first-phase transformation is Deck 12, a 5,400-sq.-ft. restaurant, bar lounge and private meeting space. The property has brought on Joshua Soth, a Chicago chef who recently relocated to San Diego, to reinvent Deck 12’s menu in a fashion that reflects the region’s coastal cuisine.  Los Angeles-based firm Design 360 Unlimited infused the open, communal area with avant-garde elements intended to resemble a resort-like deck, using elements like cascading chandeliers and natural light.

To complement the property’s new design, The Declan team is rolling out a suite of hotel programming: For the thrill-seeker, the hotel has established a partnership with Ducati that allows guests the opportunity to rent the luxury Italian motorcycles; music lovers can rent one of the hotel’s Crosley Cruiser turntables equipped with high-quality headphones and peruse a selection of classic LPs or borrow one of the Fender Acoustic guitars on display throughout the hotel.

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