The Crypton Companies Initiate Forensic DNA Program with Applied DNA Sciences

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI—The Crypton Companies has initiated a DNA-based, anti-counterfeiting technology and product authentication solutions program to be used across all of its properties, starting immediately.

“Innovation is in our DNA. It’s in every part of our business, and it is the reason why we believe the SigNature T DNA program is going to help us keep our promise to our customers – that our products are truly the industry standard when it comes to assuring quality, performance and now traceability within trusted supply chains,” said Randy Rubin, CEO and founder of Crypton.

Since 1993, The Crypton Companies have been developing and bringing to market performance engineered textiles. Today, Crypton has more than 120 million yards of fabric installed globally in hotels, restaurants, cruise ships and health care facilities as well as other heavy traffic applications. Crypton distributes its performance textiles, and related products, through a licensed network of more than 50 U.S. and global distributors.

With its multi-patented processes, Crypton is leading the industry with performance textile solutions that are stain, water and bacteria-resistant. These “super fabrics” are made with approved fabric constructions from licensed mills, according to Rubin.

Headquartered here, with U.S. facilities in Kings Mountain, North Carolina and global operations in Hong Kong, China and India, Crypton offers technology-driven performance fabric solutions and patented technologies. The agreement will enable The Crypton Companies to mark with SigNature T DNA, and submit samples for authentication based on an annual volume-based commitment.  

Over the past year, Applied DNA Sciences and The Crypton Companies have been collaborating on a major textile initiative to help protect and authenticate SigNature T DNA-marked fabrics. The durability of SigNature T DNA was proven after a year of extensive prototyping and testing of DNA in a wide range of treatments and fabric types. The marker was subjected to Crypton’s performance tests, and it was demonstrated that it did not interfere with the engineered textile process, nor did it impact the performance or quality of the Crypton fabric.

“Performance is key. We’re excited to be working with Applied DNA Sciences especially since we know that there will always be situations where there are heavy demands placed on our fabric, such as outdoor furniture, mattresses, pet beds and even booster seats for children,” said Hardy Sullivan, VP Research & Development, Crypton Fabric.




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