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The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Partners With Tihany Design, Daun Curry and Richmond International

LAS VEGAS—The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is partnering with three interior designers to create 21 exclusive Boulevard Penthouses in the Boulevard Tower of the resort.

In collaboration with the resort, members from Tihany Design, Daun Curry and Richmond International have drawn inspiration from places both near and far to create penthouses on the top floors of the Boulevard Tower. The Boulevard Penthouses will be designed to maintain the views of the Las Vegas skyline. Spanning a total of approximately 63,000 sq. ft., the individual penthouses will range in size from 2,000 sq. ft. to 5,000 sq. ft. In addition to the 21 penthouses—with seven unique designs from each team—a private gaming salon will also be created exclusively for these penthouses’ guests.

“These one-of-a-kind designer Boulevard Penthouses and Private Gaming Salon are the final project to solidify The Cosmopolitan’s position atop the list of full-service luxury properties in Las Vegas,” said Bill McBeath, president and CEO of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. “Our idea in partnering with these three outstanding designers was not to have 21 penthouses painted with the same brush, but to find creative partners who would bring the touches of residential high-design to the hospitality space—the results will be unparalleled.”

The 21 Boulevard Penthouses are slated for completion at the close of 2016 and in early 2017.

Adam D. Tihany brings with him a wealth of Las Vegas design experience, having first made his mark on The Strip with Wolfgang Puck’s Spago in 1993. In order to capture the exclusivity and bespoke nature of the new space, Tihany has imagined two distinct guest personas in the design for the penthouses. Inspired by the characters’ imagined native cites of Beverly Hills and New York, the luxury residential interiors embody both east and west coasts while catering to the grandeur and excitement of Las Vegas, according to the company. The Beverly Hills penthouses will feature curved shapes, limestone accents and airy touches, while the New York-inspired spaces will showcase straight lines, dark wood and abstract structures. 

In addition to designing the Boulevard Penthouses, The Cosmopolitan has commissioned Tihany to design the private gaming salon and penthouse level corridors. The 2,300-sq.-ft. salon is designed to feel like an Art Deco style men’s club with natural sunlight flooding the room from two doors that lead out to a private terrace and will illuminate the original pieces of modern artwork that will adorn the walls. Bold, bright colored furniture and accessories stand out against the textured wood wall panels. Conversely, the penthouse level corridors will feature a sleek, modern look anchored by custom carpeting evocative of a mosaic design that guides guests to the elevator lobbies, which are decorated with textured glass and white tiles.

Curry’s collaboration with The Cosmopolitan serves as her debut into the world of hospitality design. According to the company, her sense of design will remain refined as she and her team will aim to develop open-concept spaces to highlight the Boulevard Tower’s views, which helped to influence the color palette. Ochre, coriander and blush tones will be found throughout, which will feature eclectic interiors inspired by international locales. Curry will commission several contributing artisans to create custom details specifically for this project including a New York-based fabricator to produce bespoke furniture. Highlights of her design will include luxe pony hair walls, hand-cut Italian glass mosaic murals and grottos where soaking tubs morph out of hand-cut marble.

Working on a Las Vegas-based project will also be a first for Richmond International. Provocative artwork and whimsical sculptural installations inspired by both the digital art installations in the lobby and the significant pieces throughout the resort will be a key feature of the design. Design elements will include tailored finishes such as 24-karat gold handcrafted resin and verre eglomise panels and contemporary pieces of furniture from key designers. Two different color palettes, one anchored in teal and jewel tones and the other a vibrant cobalt blue, give the penthouses a distinct identity.