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Building on the success of its Vinylife product, Fil Doux Textiles has a new Vinylife Impact line. A collection of deep textures with an array of intricate patterns including rattan and woven luggage styles, the ten patterns are as eye-catching as they are innovative.

The collection was created with a new technology comprised of air-extracting suction valves that pulls the pattern into place, rather than the traditional pressure-applied embossing technology, which pushes the pattern into the material. By utilizing this new technology, Fil Doux Textiles’ patterns can be stain-protected with Pro-Tech before embossing to ensure total coverage and increased durability.

“This technology, combined with the beauty and colors of Vinylife, is unlike anything else in the hospitality industry,” said Fil Doux Textiles President Leo Novik. “For example, the line includes a take on popular rattan look that mirrors the complex textural weave in a more durable material suited to hospitality interiors. The Impact collection emphasizes our ability to provide creative solutions without sacrificing luxury appeal.”

The company’s commitment to sustainability at all stages of design is exemplified in Vinylife’s technology: it is phthalate-free​ and incorporates enzymes into the vinyl that react with microorganisms found in active landfills, acting as the catalyst for its decomposition. Easy to clean with microscopic pores for breathability and temperature control, the luxury vinyl is ideal for hospitality, contract and healthcare as well as residential settings.

Vinylife Impact can be treated for ASTM-E84 and IMO, making it the perfect vinyl for every type of interior. In addition to introducing Impact, Fil Doux Textiles has added 15 colors to its range of Vinylife products.