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Designing Holistically

Nature, wellness, sustainability. These are all familiar buzzwords for designers, but what do they really mean? How are designers turning these trends into long-term design approaches? Especially now, designers can use these as not only references but as pillars. Gala Magriñá, designer/principal of Gala Magriñá Design, walks us through the meaning of “holistic design,” and…
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Architects Partner to Prevent COVID-19

Two leaders in architecture and construction have partnered to introduce a prefabricated building system aimed at controlling the spread of the coronavirus and seasonal flu. Developed jointly by global design firm Leo A Daly and Turner Construction Company, the modular WorkWell system provides a safe and welcoming setting for health screening at entrances to buildings…
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A Timeless Turkish Tradition

The Turkish bath or “hammam” tradition dates back to the Ottoman era as an important ritual to cleanse and relax as well as gather for social affairs. Today, Raffles Istanbul has rejuvenated the ancient tradition so guests can experience this tradition through design.
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“Wellness is not only at the heart of the experience we want to provide our guests, but it also happens to be my own personal life’s mission as a designer: to create spaces the allow people to flourish and be nurtured,” said Shangwen Chiu Kennedy, owner of the Inn at Moonlight Beach. Learn about her…
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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Living Walls Inject Natural Beauty, Color Into Design

CHICAGO—Who said it’s not easy being green? The color evokes a sense of freshness, vibrancy and a call to the outdoors. Hotels and designers are embracing this acidic hue in more ways than one—think soil-free living walls, hydroponic gardens, as well as splashes of bold paint colors or accents in furnishings—to create environments that are…
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Canyon Ranch Developing First International Resort in Turkey

FORT WORTH, TX—Canyon Ranch’s new CEO Susan E. Docherty revealed the development of the brand’s first-ever international destination, Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort at Kaplankaya, on the Aegean coast.
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