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Shay Lam


Physical Places

Hospitality is all about bringing people together, making everyone feel warm and welcomed. Hotel designers and architects have always designed for this, with the intention of creating shared and social spaces. However, as the world rethinks these spaces, designers are realizing the importance of physical spaces. Shay Lam, managing executive/studio creative director for TPG Architecture,…
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COVID-19 & Design: What to Expect

The COVID-19 outbreak has surely impacted the world of hospitality and will affect not only how we travel going forward, but how we live our lives. Hospitality and tourism are possibly taking some of the greatest hits, but how has the pandemic affected hospitality design? What’s happening to ongoing and planned projects? What will guests…
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TPG Architecture Promotes Lam 

TPG Architecture, a New York City-based design firm, has appointed a new managing executive, Shay Lam. Lam joined TPG Architecture in 2016 and has dedicated the past three years to building a strong roster of clients. In his time as studio creative director, he led a variety of projects within TPG Architecture’s growing hospitality practice.…
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