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Native Trails


The Making of Metallic

Not quite a color, not quite a texture, metallic is in a category all of its own. These companies are shining just as bright, with products that are flashing metallic across the industry:
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Create a Spa-Like Experience

How can designers create a spa-like experience in the bathroom? Product choice is so important. Here are some of the latest offerings...
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A Balanced Approach to Bathrooms

When it comes to a hotel bathroom, guests are looking for a spa-like experience—and that starts at the beginning, with the products and materials chosen to create the space. Here's a few products designed to elevate the guest’s stay.
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Native Trails, an artisan-crafted kitchen and bathroom brand that makes a visual impression with a small ecological footprint, debuted more than a dozen new sustainably designed products at IDS Toronto. Showing for the fifth time, the brand introduced a new finish in their NativeStone material, expanded their signature hand-hammered recycled copper collections, as well as…
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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Bath Finishes Create Wow Factor, Blissful Retreat

NATIONAL REPORT—It takes 30,000 hammer strikes to create one sink, and well over 300,000 hammer strikes to create an artisanal, single-walled copper tub, explained Naomi Neilson Howard, founder and CEO of Native Trails. “It’s a very intense and laborious process that takes years and years to perfect the technique. Each hammer strike goes right where…
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