Nani Marquina


Captivating carpets

Innovative and alluring carpets are gracing the floors of hospitality spaces. Take a look at the latest in carpet and rug design: nanimarqina—Formula Contract Formula Contract is a collection of highly functional and flexible rugs designed specifically for commercial projects. With more than 250 possible combinations, the client or designer will be able to choose...
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Weaved Wonders

The craft of weaving has been around for thousands of years and these companies have evolved that craft to present these carpets and rugs. Vantage by Stacy Garcia Brintons has teamed with New York design studio Stacy Garcia to create their newest Axminster collaboration Vantage. Inspired by biomimicry, Vantage looks to nature, emulating patterns and...
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Just Say Yes to Rugs (and Carpets)

Whether as accent pieces or full flooring, carpets and rugs can set the design tone for a room, all while offering a soft spot for your feet. Minus Collection Aquafil has partnered with Punto e Filo to launch a collection of nine pieces that bring the possibility of multiple combinations of colors and sizes. The...
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Carpet Culture

Cool, comfortable, carpets. Not just for utility, carpets add pops of color and culture into rooms, while imparting that comfy at-home feel. Here's a look companies taking creative stabs at the ever-classic carpet...
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