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Keiko Matsumoto


Trends of the 2010s: Millennial Mindset

Looking back at the 2010s, designers have adjusted to the needs of younger guests and those coming of age. Millennials have excited hotel design with new expectations, wanderlust and opportunities. Here, design leaders walked InspireDesign through some of the ways the millennial mindset has influenced hotel design in the past decade: Millennials and the millennial…
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Leaders Forecast F&B Design Trends

As hotel restaurants, bars and lounges begin to reopen following the COVID-19 outbreak, designers are looking for ways to ease guests’ concerns about returning to these spaces. Increased social-distancing measures and enhanced safety protocols may make spaces feel less inviting, but designers are coming up with creative ways to bring warmth and comfort back into…
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Trends of the 2010s: Value Engineering

While the 2010s are now in the past, the impact of this decade remains. From new technology to a discovery of materials and innovative design schemes, a lot has changed thanks in part to the previous 10 years. How will it influence the future of design? What can be learned from this period of time?…
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