Swedish Art Hotel Launches Haute Couture Suites Made of Ice

JUKKASJÄRVI, SWEDEN—ICEHOTEL, located here, allows guests to co-create their own suites with the hotel’s designers.

“We want to create a forum in which guests can express their own design ideas and experiment with ice as an art material. The beauty of ice is that it only exists briefly and then goes away; it unleashes an incredible creativity in people,” said Arne Bergh, creative director of ICEHOTEL.

The suites, like ICEHOTEL itself, are made of the exclusive natural ice from the river Torne and all the artwork inside is original and handmade. According to the company, Torne is completely free of pollutants, giving it a premium quality and such clarity that the blocks harvested from the river are completely transparent and without air bubbles.

Each suite will be made exclusively for the client and after departure it will be left to return to the river as the springtime sun returns. Once it is gone, clients will be given a bottle containing some of the meltwater, along with the sketches and blueprints for the design and photographs of the suite.

Part of the proceeds from the hotel will be donated to environmental initiatives in the Baltic Sea, where the river Torne runs into the ocean.

The creation of the suites can take up to two weeks. Guests will be able to stay in the ice suites during the winter months between December and March. 

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