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Summer Dream

Photographic artist Michael Banks has revealed “Summer Dream” for hospitality interiors, reflective of relaxation and those vacation days we’re all longing for.

“I live with a view of the Mediterranean from the terrace of my apartment so the movement and colors
of the sea are a constant ‘leitmotif’ of my daily life,” Banks said. “I wanted to envision that feeling in a digital form.
When summer comes we all dream of holidays, beaches and taking it easy, but in this particular moment of COVID-19,
those thoughts will probably remain just a dream this year. That’s where the name comes from.”

Banks hopes the artwork awakens viewers’ senses, filling them with not only nostalgia but hope for sunnier days.

“I hope the viewer associates these curvy forms with memories of the movement of water, whether the ocean or a pool and that this fosters memories of places visited, the sensation of water on the skin, diving, jumping and feeling a little carefree,” the artist noted. “I’ve tried to keep the colors light and ‘happy’ to produce a feel-good factor, which we all need right now.”

Banks acknowledged that summer itself has always been an inspiring muse, lending to all kinds of creative work.

“Summer is a classic source of artistic inspiration when artists try to capture the idea of heat, the sun, relaxation and maybe being a little apart from the ‘real world’ at least for a short while,” he said. “After a difficult few months, I’m starting to see inquiries and orders come in again, so perhaps we are turning the corner, but only time will tell. We’re in very unknown territory here, so caution is advised. I truly believe that hope comes from a personal positive attitude, thinking the best of everything and always seeing the metaphorical glass half full, rather than half empty.”