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Sumaq Machu Picchu Looks to Natural Elements for Renovation

MACHU PICCHU, PERU—Drawing upon Chakana, an Andean cross symbolizing the four elements of nature, Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel now features a new interior blending the Andean past of Peruvian culture with modern luxury, according to the property.

The four elements of nature (fire, water, earth and air) are expressed through the use of materials and decorative elements made with traditional techniques, such as Inca masks and Keros, an ancient Incan drinking vessel. 

Representing fire, the entire first floor is lit up in gold and bronze wall decorations, tables, and accessories such as a shining Inca breastplate with 520 gold medallions. The lobby features a flower-lined staircase, which leads guests to the next Chakana element, earth. The second floor walls are lined with handmade modern Andean art comprised of wood and sheep’s wool dyed in natural colors. Furniture consists of earthy colors, brown leather seats and marble and wooden tables decorated with colorful caminos.

Each guestroom ties in the two elements of earth and fire, while the water and air elements can be seen throughout the hallways. The rooms feature gold Chakana-shaped embellishments and warm lighting. The updated Qunuq Restaurant is decorated with wood and ceramic pieces that exhibit the traditions and style of the Incan history. The restaurant offers more than 300 pieces crafted by local artisans.