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Sofitel So Singapore Reveals Product of Karl Lagerfeld Collaboration

SINGAPORE—Sofitel So Singapore has unveiled the hotel emblem designed by Karl Lagerfeld, along with numerous other touches by the designer throughout the hotel.

Karl Lagerfeld imagined and designed “The Lion’s Seal” emblem commemorating the birth of “Singa Pura,” the Lion City. Lagerfeld drew his inspiration from the story of the discovery of the Lion City by a Sumatran Prince.

“Singapore is an Asian powerhouse—the city of the future,” said Lagerfeld. “Stories of its history and evolution have inspired me, especially the discovery of the island and the mystical lion it was named after. The lion has historically symbolized courageousness, elegance and leadership. The emblem is a result of that combined inspiration.”

Lagerfeld’s emblem is featured on correspondence cards, check-in folders and doorknockers. The objects bearing the emblem will appear in public areas and guestrooms.

The BooKube, an exclusive art piece bookend created by Lagerfeld with the emblem, is featured in the library space, La BiblioteK, as well as in the property’s 134 guestrooms. The BooKube is cast from white Corian weighing 1,200 g. This will be available for purchase, along with other exclusive items, including a bespoke bathrobe en bid d’abeille with the red and white “The Lion’s Seal” embroidery and an exclusive leather-bound notebook that features the original sketch of the emblem. 

The front-of-house team will also wear Paris-inspired Lagerfeld designs in exclusively selected pieces from the KARL LAGERFELD collection featuring the designer’s signature black-and-white silhouettes.