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Sine of the Times

Tarkett’s SineEffect, a modular and Powerbond soft surface collection from designer Jhane Barnes and created for Tandus Centiva, found its inspiration in an unexpected place.

“I created SineEffect using a program meant for animation, but that can also be used in the textile world to create compelling designs,” Barnes said. “I started with a grid of circles that I compressed in one direction and elongated in another. This action in animation is called ‘squash and stretch.’ What started with circles ended up looking remarkably like the rings and undulations of wood grain. That unintended result reminds me of the discovery aspect of creation. I am sometimes surprised by what I learn along the way and by the end result of my experimenting.”

SineEffect takes its name from the mathematical sine function that was discovered by analyzing circles. Not only is there a connection between sinusoids—curves having the form of a sine wave—and circles, but the sine function also describes the motion of things that sway, like a clock pendulum. The sinuous, smooth, back and forth flow of sine curves are also found in nature, like wind waves, sound waves and light waves.

Made in America, SineEffect comes with ethos with Omnicoat Technology backing, which can be installed over a variety of substrate issues, such as green concrete and old adhesives.